Scots Highland Pipes and Drums Band members are dedicated to providing the finest Scottish and Celtic music for  all performances.  We have a long standing tradition and are proud of our reputation.  All of our the band members practice frequently and participate in most of the band public performances.  Some of the members are available for private events.   If you would like more information about joining the band, or learning how to play the bagpipes or drums, see here.


Drum Corps

Stuart Paul,  Pipe Major
Stuart has been piping since 1966. He resides in Leominster, MA  He has been the band's pipe major since 1991.  Stuart is available as an individual piper for private events email Stuart or
wire Stuart  at (978) 537-7044

Fred LeBlanc, Drum Major
Fred has played both the bass and tenor drums for SHP&D in parades and competitions.   In 2012 he took on the role of Drum Major and leads during parades.  He is also responsible for the bands' dress and deportment.  Fred  retired from the Leominster Fire Service as Department Chief.

Deb Legros, Pipe Sergeant
Deb joined the band in 2004.  She assumed the role of Pipe Sergeant in 2006 and as Band President in 2007.   Deb lives in Fitchburg, MA and is also a Black belt in Kenpo Karate.  Deb is available as individual piper for events.

Mobil:  978-855-5738

Sue Dunbar, Drum Sergeant
Sue has been with the band for eleven years and is an music teacher in the Amherst, MA public schools.  She lives in New Salem, MA  with her husband Bruce and two sons who are both musicians. In her other life she is a professional flutist who is very busy with shows and concerts.
Dr. Mark Funk
Alice Funk
As a snare drummer, Alice must  work with the Bass and Tenor drummers to  control the tempo of the music being performed.  
Alice's role is critical as her street beat keeps the timing for parade marches.  Alice joined the band in 2003.

Bill Reed
" I first heard the bagpipes played while training in a mock battle between the US Army and the British Territorial Army in 1989.  The battleground was enveloped in thick fog, they started playing the pipes just as dawn started to break. I wanted to play that day." Bill is the 2010-11 Band President.  Under the direction of Stu, Bill learned to read music and play the pipes in about a year.
Michael Keane
Michael started with the band in 2009 and is working with the mid section as a Tenor drummer. In 2011, he started working with the Bass drum for parades and competitions.  Mr. Keane is passionate about his Scottish and Irish heritage. He is also a beekeeper in Leominster, MA and serves as the band's webmaster.
Dr. Gary Wilson   Steve Arpano
Steve joined the band in 2010 and plays the snare drum.  He is a lifelong resident of Leominster, and played in the Leominster High School band in the  late 20th century. 
Mike Harris
Mike is a resident of the Green Mountain State (Vermont) and has the longest drive to make it to practices.  

Adelaide Sargent
Todd Parsons
Todd is a Lieutenant with the Ashburnham, MA Police Department and has been playing the bagpipes since 2004 He  joined SHP&D in 2009.   He is also the Pipe Major for Police Pipes and Drums or Worcester.
Greg Seward
Greg’s Scottish roots are based in Nova Scotia, Canada. He emigrated from there in 1986 and brought with him a fierce love of bagpipes, highland games and polar plunging. He started with the band in 2011 and plays bass drum. He drive to be a better musician and perform with others is powered by haggis.

  Drew Paul
Drew's talents  in the band allows SHP&D to perform at many events.  Drew has performed all instruments in the drum corps until 2009.  At that time he began to play the bagpipes.

Al Paquin,  Band Manager
Al retired from the US Navy after 28 plus years in the submarine force.  He and his family lived in Blairmore and Dunoon Scotland for almost 8 years while stationed in the Holy Loch.  The Annual Burns’ Supper is one of the many Scottish traditions the Paquins brought to Central New England.

Dr. Alex Paul
With his father as Pipe Major, Alex has grown up with the band. He has been a regular face in the circle since beginning his piping career in 1998. Though currently in San Diego he returns regularly to partake in the band's major performances.

  Janet Lashua

Peter Sargent 

Patrick Tevlin 


Gary Brake 
Gary's love of the bagpipes comes from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  Gary's great grandfather came to Cape Breton from Lochaber, Scotland, where he was a celebrated highland dancer.  Gary is currently a board member of the Canadian American Club in Watertown, MA, and has been playing the pipes since 2012, under the guidance of Stuart Paul.
  Additional Band Members:
Todd Bowdridge
Bob Sandborn

In the wings:

Justin Touhey


Join the Band

Being a part of the Scots Highland Pipes and Drums band can be a wonderful experience if you have an interest in playing the bagpipes or drums.   With the right level of instruction and practice time you can be marching with us within a year.     We perform at many parades and public events. The band offers free lessons every Thursday at the American Legion Post in Ashby, MA at 6:30PM.   We have pipers of all experience levels and abilities.  

The band is open to everyone, provided they have a good attitude and a dedication to continuous improvement of skills and abilities.   We take learning Scottish and Celtic Music seriously and need you to as well.

For this year, we want to expand with more pipers and more drummers  this will allow us to compete in more competitions in New England.  We also need help with support staff - organizing finances, equipment and communications.  

Our team is dedicated to making your involvement with the band a positive experience.   

For more information, please contact:
Stuart Paul                           
(978) 537-7044

Band Webmaster:  Michael Keane

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